Ms. Margaret Chen

Founder of
China Club Spain

Recently named one of the 100 most influential Chinese citizens outside its borders by the Chinese government and founder of China Club Spain.


Dr José María Villalón

Head of the medical service of the Atlético de Madrid football club

The challenge of biculturality : “It is not about being more Chinese or more Spanish. People have multiple identities, and it is something contextual; the challenge is to manage the biculturality of having the values of the society in which we live and, on the other hand, the values that your family has transmitted to you. The management of multiple identities is complicated, universal and not exclusive to migrants”.

More than a race

Interculturality, diversity, sport

At KDH we are dedicated to the creation of intercultural experiences and the organization of diverse and inclusive events through cultural, sportive and gastronomic activities.

The Spring race is an intercultural project that combines sport, culture, lifestyle and tourism and aims to unite people from different cultures in celebrating the Lunar New Year through sports and activities about China in Spain and with activities about Spain in China.

Interculturality : Refers to the presence and equitable interaction of diverse cultures and the possibility of generating shared cultural expressions, through dialogue and mutual respect.

Diversity and Inclusion : All people have their own abilities and talents, different from those of others. Diversity is an opportunity for the enrichment of society through active participation in family life, education, work and in general in all social, cultural and community processes.

Sport : It is a healthy habit that unites people. In this case, it aims to create a bridge between people of different cultures.
The WHO recommends taking at least 10,000 steps a day (7 kilometers).

Culture : We intend to bring Chinese culture to Spain and Spanish culture to China through different activities.

Tourism : The best way to get to know another culture is to travel, and on this occasion we want to promote Chinese destinations in Spain and Spanish destinations in China.

Respect : Respect is a reciprocal value that must be instilled from an early age. Respectful people know how to appreciate the importance of family, friends, work and all those people around them.

Sustainable development : From our organization we try to do our bit to take care of our planet and we invite you to do the same.

We share with you one guide with 170 actions to transform our world .

This guide collects 170 ideas to incorporate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the UN within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into our daily lives. The objectives range from the elimination of poverty to the fight against climate change, education, women’s equality, the defense of the environment or the design of our cities.